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John Horn

My name is John Horn.  I’m co-founder of Infrastructure Group LLC (http://www NULL.infrastructuregroup NULL.com/) and also have my own law practice serving technology companies in Silicon Valley.  I’ve been general counsel of private and public companies in the Valley, and have drafted more board resolutions than I care to admit. My formal education includes a JD from Stanford Law School and an MBA (later in life) from Stanford Business School.  Throughout my career, I’ve had a passion for making the complicated simple – boiling things down to their clearest, most essential forms and using the insights to make the best decisions possible.

A Palo Alto native, I grew up on a tennis court.  While I was playing tennis, my brother Bruce (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/Bruce_Horn) was over at Apple Computer helping design the original Apple Macintosh.  Being the dutiful first child, I went to law school, and am glad I did. Because law, practiced right, is actually pretty fun.

My passions include raising our daughter Nina (born 2007), running, and listening to all kinds of music, from Bach to Lil Wayne.

You can reach me at john@lawforentrepreneurs.com (john null@null lawforentrepreneurs NULL.com).

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