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When Someone Asks You to Sign Their NDA

Any time you’re going to agree to confidentiality and non-use obligations (whether its your form of NDA or theirs), you need to keep in mind the potential for “contamination.”  That is, can you envision likely scenarios where it could appear to the other party that you’ve used or disclosed their information to their detriment, even […]

Consider the Context Before Asking for an NDA

Matt Mireles (http://www NULL.metamorphblog called my attention to a good Venture Hacks (http://venturehacks thread on NDA use.  Brad Feld (http://www NULL.feld NULL.html) also has a very good one.  Opinions on NDA use are all over the map, so I thought it might be helpful to summarize (and add to) some of the […]

What an NDA Is (and Is Not) Good For

I often get the question: “Isn’t disclosing my confidential information OK as long as I use an NDA?”  My answer is always: “An NDA doesn’t really protect you.  You should probably use one, but you should only disclose confidential information to people on a need-to-know basis.”  For my other bottom line recommendations re: NDA use, […]