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Reducing Legal Costs–Law Firm Personnel

Entrepreneur: “Mr. Partner, we’ve decided to use your firm to represent us in our acquisition of XYZ company.” Law Firm Partner: “Great!” E: “Who do you propose should be on your team?  And why do you recommend them?  I’d really like to get your best mid-level associate, and would prefer not to use any first […]

Be Soft on the People, But Tough on the Issues

“Be soft on the people, but tough on the issues.”  This is one of my favorite aphorisms, partly because it’s consistent with my values, partly because of its Zen-like simplicity, but mostly because I’ve found that it works. When you’re dealing with a direct report, do you want them thinking “I’d do anything for my […]

The Risks of Misclassifying an Employee as a Contractor

Client: “John, could you prepare an independent contractor agreement for me?” John: “Sure.  Who’s it for?” C: “Her name is Ruby N. Rails.” J: “What’s she going to be doing?” C: “She’ll be doing web development, reporting to our Chief Architect.” J: “How closely will she be supervised?” C: “Very closely.  Our Architect has very […]

The Legal Requirements for Using Unpaid Interns

Last week, my business partner Ed brought his son Alex (whose school was on spring break) into our office for an afternoon of what Ed referred to as “slave labor” (i.e. assembling packages of marketing collateral).  We and Alex were both lucky that the engagement was only a half-day; Alex because he had better things […]

Nuggets of Wisdom from the Stanford GSB Entrepreneurship Conference

Last week, I attended the 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship (http://www NULL.stanford NULL.html) held at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Here are a few nuggets of wisdom I found particularly valuable and/or interesting: What’s the best way to conduct a search without using a search firm?  Andy Price of Schweichler Price & Partners (http://www […]